Monday, 25 August 2008

Master of disguise, impregnate me.

Yes, the adorable, 40-year-old virgin, fan-favourite Katiekins (AKA Miss Sandy Pants as she's being called over on the official B&B board) went to the hospital to find out how her pregnancy was progressing.

We viewers were in for a real treat as the dismal whiner was joined by the baby's father, love-rat Nick. Being a millionaire, of course Nick chose to pay for an appointment at a private clinic, didn't he? Uh, no... the gruesome twosome decided to go to the hospital his wife/her niece works at. Great idea, guys! It's not bad enough that you're a pair of sanctimonious hypocrites, you are actually deranged enough to think that Bridget wouldn't recognise her own husband in this cunning disguise:

God give me strength. He wears glasses anyway, on occasion, so really all he did was wear a baseball cap. I wish Bridget had walked in and castrated him, the dirty dawg in his stupid hat.

"Hi, I've just impregnated my wife's aunt. Think you can keep it hush hush?"

What a vile pairing they are. I thought it couldn't get anymore vomit-inducing. Then they hugged.

And Katie kind of looked like she could smell a fart:

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