Monday, 18 August 2008

Sickening couple declare their love.

Katie and Nick's "relationship", such as it is: first, Pity-Me Katie eats pistachios with Nick, then they burp. Gee, what a connection. They even drink some scotch. Then she gets shot, has a heart transplant (her dead brother's heart) and Nick comforts her as her condition worsens. Oh, and gives her a fake prom. Whatever.

So, I looked it up in the dictionary. Comfort = having sex on a beach with a supposedly terminal person. Now Nick's telling a pregnant (and not dying) Katiekins, "my prayer was that before you died, you'd know how I felt... I love you." But didn't he just marry her niece? Nick, didn't you say some vows or something? Keep it zipped, Man-Ho!

He says he and Katie spent "a magical moment" [puke] and shared the "deepest, most honest form of love" [puuuuuuke]. Magical? Deep? HONEST?! Honest, as in they both screwed over her niece/his bride-to-be? And then vowed to lie to Bridget about it until they find out if the baby will be okay. So, what if the baby isn't okay? Will Nick stay with Bridget and keep schtum? This is revolting...

Bridget has now had both her husbands impregnate her family members. When does she get a break?! This is wrong. Bridget sure won't think Katie's crush on Nick is "cute" when she finds out about the special kind of comfort Katie received on Catalina. That half-dead tramp.

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