Monday, 25 August 2008

It was Owen!

Or was it?! Owen 'fessed up:

Brooke was blindsided. Donna felt shocked and betrayed. Lieutenant Baker was daydreaming about hot dogs:

Despite his confession, we pretty much know that Owen didn't poison Eric - he only said that to protect Donna, who he wants to be with. You know, in a special way. So, who did poison Honeybear? In a delightfully campy montage, we were presented with the suspects. My money's on that crazy fruitloop Pam:

1. Jackie: No! She had a thang for Eric. Unless she's suddenly gone postal, it seems ludicrous that she'd poison the old goat.

2. Beth: I don't think so. Yes, Eric's been a Man-Ho bedding two of her daughters, but Beth doesn't appear to get too upset about any of it. Hell, she barely batted an eyelid when her daughter told Beth she was pregnant with Beth's granddaughter's husband's baby.

3. Brooke: puh-lease. No way.

4. Ridge: Um, no.

5. Stephanie: Come off it. No matter what he's done, she wouldn't try to kill her ex.

6. Donna: Not even Donna's dumb enough to leave potassium in her pant drawer. It was a set up!

7. Stephen: Okay, maybe. He did look awfully pissed off reminiscing about Eric's shenanigans with his ex-wife and daughters. It's possible he finally cracked...

8. Marcus: Possibly, if he's not actually Donna's son. It could all be a scam to get his mitts on the readies. I doubt it though.

9. Owen: He's protecting Donna, c'mon, it ain't him.

10. Felicia: This is the woman who cried when "daddy" broke up his dysfunctional marriage to Stephanie. She has too much invested in trying to reunite her parents. I could buy her going for Donna, but not daddy.

11. Pam: Not sure of the motive, but I can see the teabag gobbling loon being the culprit. She's off her meds, I swear.

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