Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Great Podcast Fiddle.

Press conferences are passe, so Eric, Brooke and Rick recorded a podcast to announce Rick's new position as president of Forrester Creations. Poor Ridgie-poo's feelings were hurt that he'd have to share the Presidency with Rick, so he quit.

Brooke decided to play the part of the devoted wife and praised Ridge's contributions to Forrester.
Little did she know Ridge had gone to have his ego stroked by his ex-wife, Taylor. She was also in the dark that Rick had altered the podcast to make it sound like she was praising Rick and ignoring Ridge.

Well, they could barely believe their ears.
"So, yeah, Rick is the King of Forrester and if it wasn't for him there'd be no Forrester Creations... he's amazing, an inspiration, etc etc."
"Oh, Widgie-poo, what's wrong?!"
"He left me again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh."

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