Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hair and heir of the week:

Couple-that-isn't-a-couple of the week:

Felicia and Owen, who are generating quite a bit of buzz on the web. Brandon Beemer's bad boy Owen could make some sparks fly with the awesome Lesli Kay's Felicia. Oh, and when Owen said, "Donna's marriage to your father is about to explode," I thought, I guess he's taken his Viagra then.
Puke-worthy "supercouple" of the week:
Brooke and Ridge. Much as I dislike their relationship, I love Brooke and it was great to see her happy (even if it is with the slimiest of slimy toads, Rigid Ridge).

So, they're going to make love every time they see a comet. Where are they going, Mars? "I heard there's a meteor shower," said Brooke. Ugh.
Later, in a meeting with Eric, she said he should hand over Forrester Creations "from one fashion supercouple to another... Ridge and I have a following. People feel like they know us." Okay, that was a nice wink from the writers, but he's still a jerk.

Underwhelming honeymoon of the week:
Nick and Budge. Seriously, they got married in the garden and had the honeymoon upstairs. WTF? I thought Nick had money. They even let Katiekins plan (and officiate) the wedding. Man, they're cheap.

Boinking of the week:
As my friend Andrew said, "Bridget's headflick was rather porno." So true, and all the better for it. After her run of crappy men, she deserves a good boink. Go Bridget - boink him into next week.
Did she really say that Nick "taught her how to think about sex?" What about Deacon?! He gave her some hot lovin'. As did Dante.

Dumbass of the week:
Thorne. As usual, he barely said anything, just looked kind of confused. He did say, "c'mon Marcus, maybe you can show me where shipping is." He's worked there for years (even when he became an international singing sensation along with Macy, if I recall correctly). Aside from that, doesn't he work in distribution? He works in distribution, but doesn't know where shipping is?!
Snark of the week:
Felicia wants pictures of Owen and "the bimbo bitch" AKA Donna.

Tosh of the week:
After all the scandals at Forrester Creations, why does anyone give two hoots about Donna marrying Eric?! Is Brooke really any better - didn't she give birth to her daughter's husband's baby? Isn't that a little more scandalous?

Dementia story of the week:
Beth forgot her cookie recipe. That sucks. I once forgot where I put my cookies and boy did it piss me off.

Heir of the week:
Marcus. Eric praised all his great work, like, um... that time he once changed the way they log shipments, or something.

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