Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Best In Show: awards for last week.

Doctor of the week:
Doctor Bridget – Medicine Woman. Want the wrong eggs implanted into your womb? Want heart surgery? Need to regain your lost memories? Dougie Forrester, MD is on the case again.

Compliment of the week:
Brooke (to Beth): "Katie has your smile."
So, who did she inherit the whining from?

WTF moment of the week #1:
The rawk music! The snappy, quick-cut exterior shots! WTF, I thought I was watching the wrong show; I’m not saying I didn’t like it (it was an unexpected burst of energy)… it just came as a shock. A reinvigorated B&B?! I certainly hope so.

WTF moment of the week #2:
The new gym/juice bar/FC outdoor set – is it on the roof of Forrester Creations? Isn’t Forrester Creations a mansion-type building with big ol’ gates and acres of grounds? So how is its roof up in the sky overlooking skyscrapers?! Did I miss something? Seriously, I’ve seen the roof of FC and it is a normal roof. They’d all fall off.

Description of the week:
Marcus: "Kind of a complicated family tree, don't you think?"
Rick: "It's more like a snarl of ingrown branches than a tree. Not even a team of Forresters could figure this one out."

New arrival of the week:
Owen Knight. Welcome aboard the good ship B&B. Let’s hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as the Shady Marlin #1.

List of the week:
Brooke: "We’ll make a list of ways for mom to get her memory back."
Yeah, Brooke, then you can make a list of ways to keep your knickers on. #1 - I will not straddle my ex. #2 - I will not strip at work.

Douche-bag of the week:
Nick (about Bridget): "…whenever someone says 'epitome of beauty,' this is the reference point."
Oh, so you’re not going to ditch her again? I won’t hold my breath. Why did he keep pushing her after she’d said, "I just don’t think it’s the right time." The jackass.

Fashion disaster of the week:
Katie’s doily dress! Ugh, what was that? She thinks Nick should "bring magic to Bridget’s life," but she’s the one dressed like a fairy – she just needs to put on her wings and sprinkle some fairy-dust.

Romantic speech of the week:
Nick: "You know, Bridget, when you moved in here, you were so self-conscious."
Bridget: (Sighs)
Nick: "It was like you didn't want to step on the old bones of our broken marriage."
Oh, the romance! And isn’t that wrong anyway? Hasn’t Bridget been bolshy before (and since) she moved in – first dissing her mother’s dithering over Nick, and then standing up to Katie?

"First love" of the week:
Katie-kins, who at the ripe old age of 53 has fallen in love for the first time. What?! How old is the tomboy spinster supposed to be? If Brooke is her sister and Bridget is her niece, she must be 40 (and wouldn’t that mean Brooke gave birth at 10?!) My head aches thinking about it, but anyway… Budge seems more mature than her aunt. What has she been doing for the last decade or so? Watching Lakers games and making dresses from doilies?

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