Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I took the afternoon off and rushed over to jump in your bed. Yes, the same bed my mother straddled you in.

Poor Budge. Will she ever learn? Nick has left her high and dry one too many times. He’s a pig to her. As soon as he’d finished his tonguing session with Katie, in walks Bridget. And wasn’t she being forward – telling him to come upstairs (to the bedroom) in front of her aunt? Actually, that was a little gross. At least Nick kept it zipped, but he should have broken it off with Bridget once and for all, rather than stringing her along some more. She needs to lay down the law to Nick, and if he can’t commit, she should spilt.

Continuity note: if Budge had arranged for someone to cover her shifts in order to get down to it with Nick, why did she all of a sudden have to leave? Maybe because Nick wasn’t giving it up?!

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