Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Twinkletoes the nutjob.

I'm glad Ashley refused to dance with Storm in the restaurant - it would've looked odd. Was there even music? Let's have a steak and then dance in the restaurant. Wouldn't people look at them funny? I certainly would.

Ridge was on hand to play the smug jerk... um, I mean hero, and warn Ashley: "You need to be careful."

Ashley is no fool: "Well, apparently so if he shot your mother."

It's a shame TPTB are turning Storm into a fruitloop - they could've used him a lot more, he had potential. This show needs more men. The women of B&B will be left with a choice of Ridge, Rick, Nick or the horny old goat Eric. And three of those need to be fumigated before being let out in public.

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