Monday, 28 April 2008


What a damn fool, taking a gun around with him. "I shot Katie. I shot my baby sister."

I like it when a 40-something woman goes to her sister's deathbed in a mini-skirt. Sorry, that did make me laugh, but actually there were some emotional scenes there - Brooke, Bridget, Nick, Storm, even Donna had me on on the edge of my seat in their distress.

Woah, Katie needs a heart transplant. Bridget was desperate to locate a suitable donor. Brooke was not willing to give up on Katie. God, that was good stuff. The crying really got me; kudos Logan ladies. I wish they would stop fiddling with Katie's hair net though.

PS Heather Tom's Katie rocks, she really can act.

PPS Budge is back. Yay. Now give her a storyline that doesn't involve Nick treating her like crap.

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