Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Diddums. Nobody takes Nick's feelings into account.

Taylor didn't leave him on a whim, she did so because Nick told her he was still in love with Brooke. SO WHY SHOULD TAYLOR TAKE HIS FEELINGS INTO ACCOUNT?! Yeah, it sure hit him hard when Taylor left - he barely had time to snog Brooke, bed Bridget and kiss Katie. Poor guy.

Nick and Brooke were my faves... how did it descend to this?! Boo.

As for Brooke's opinion of Taylor's psychiatric assessment: "she is carrying on with my son, does that strike either one of you as a sane thing to do?" Hmm, let me see - slightly more sane than stealing your daughter's husbands and giving birth to your son-in-law's kid. Maybe that's just me. "Taylor's only doing it because of her anger for me." You think, Brooke? You think? Well, actually, maybe a little: did Rick and Taylor actually say the effect their relationship was having on Brooke was part of the attraction?! "Can we honestly say that the way we feel about each other has nothing to do with my mother?" Urgh! Ew, ew. These people are oddballs.

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