Monday, 14 April 2008

Previously on The Bold and the Beautiful...

I've been away, hence my lack of posts (not that anyone is reading... yet!). Despite being in Africa (it was nice, thanks for asking) I still had the chance to catch B&B - I saw an ad for "Soapies at 6" on SABC1; I thought... could it be?! It was - B&B! Unfortunately, it was a year and half old, dating back to the rather tedious Thorne and Taylor romance. It was the week of the wedding-that-never-was, owing to the demonic/Eastern European-sounding Ali, who scribbled on Taylor's photo and cut up her wedding dress. Oh dear. She should also have written I need acting lessons with her crayons. At least some sparks flew in Taylor's scenes with Nick, but we know how that ended :(

Jackie was still having headaches (what happened to those?!) and Pammy was still taking her medication and dressing like a 50's housewife. How times have changed - now she's tormenting Donna and eating teabags. Dems tasty teabags, fersure.

Anyway, my point is I had a little B&B entertainment to tide me over, but I'm going to jump back into the thick of things today by watching a week's worth of episodes and offering up my thoughts/wisdom/innane drivel soon, if it doesn't send me catatonic (not too many Phoebe scenes, please).

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