Thursday, 3 April 2008

I was going to do some work, but my clothes fell off again.

"I know what you're doing," said Brooke, ready to lay down the law to Ashley.

"You know that I'm extracting an essential oil by evaporating the organic solvent? Who told you that?" Now that was funny. Ashley's quips were coming thick and fast on Tuesday, as Brooke tried to warn her off Ridge. "Pick a man, any man," said Ashley. I've got to agree - BROOKE, JUST PICK ONE. Do it! Yes, even if it's Ridge. Ashley getting pissy with Brooke is entertaining, even if the prize pig is hardly worth fighting over.

Brooke, dear dear Brooke, you know you're my favourite, so why do TPTB make it so hard to like you? Did you really need to strip in front of Ridge in his office? If in doubt, strip and straddle, that's the Brooke Logan way. Please, Brooke, no. Just... no. And then Ridge walks off and leaves her with her butt half-out, as he needs to get to a meeting (with Ashley of course).

Then things got stranger: what the hell did Storm think when he walked in and found his sister, Brooke, in her underwear? Huh? He didn't mention it! Did I miss something? Does he often walk in on her half-dressed at work? And another thing - isn't he a criminal lawyer?! So why is he handling corporate law?! The siblings (one a semi-naked siren, the other a handsome attempted murderer) chatted while she put her dress on, neither one mentioning it. Well, at least Storm didn't catch an eyeful of Ridge and Brooke doing the do on the carpet. (About that carpet, I hope Shane's blood hasn't left any unsightly marks.) Really, that would be nasty. The last time I saw a Brooke and Ridge love scene it made my eyes bleed.

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