Monday, 28 April 2008

Off topic: The Young and the Restless.

It's B&B's sister soap. Indulge me.

Victor and Sabrina? FFS. Bleurgh. Yucky yucky yuck. Puke. "Now she's friends with your grandfather too," said Victoria to that little turd Noah. Friends with benefits. Urgh. And make them stop speaking French to each other, it increases my nausea.

Devon says Lily "hasn't changed." Did he miss the recast and un-recast? She's changed plenty, and this incarnation is boring me to tears.

What was hanging off Sharon's shoulder - an excess piece of fabric? Nice, Sharon, real nice. And she works at Restless Style magazine/online magazine? Whatever. Her hair annoys me a bit too. Mostly, I love me some Shazza though.

I hate that Victoria and JT have their own theme song. Aaaaand, wouldn't you know it, it's every bit as tedious as they are.

Maybe it's the early onset of dementia, but I actually enjoyed Sabrina and Adam's scene together. Otherwise, I could happily push either off a cliff.

Amber and Daniel are smoking hot. Wow. Just, wow. That's soapy goodness.

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