Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Rick and Taylor, and baby makes three?

So I'm starting to really like these two together, although it was weird seeing them with baby Jack. I'm not sure I can picture a long-term family dynamic between them, but they're fun to watch for now - especially when they piss Brooke off. I nearly wet myself when Brooke was screaching "stop it, STOP IT" the other week. Now she's determined to break up their relationship and is holding Jack over Taylor's head (metaphorically speaking).

Taylor (snivelling, grabbing Brooke): "I need my son."
Brooke (pulling free of Taylor's grasp): "Not until you unhand mine. I'll see you in court."

Yikes. And did she really need to remind Taylor the baby has "my blood running through his veins." Double yikes - that boy is gonna be a tramp. (Oh, I do like Brooke, she's just... trampy sometimes. Like Taylor said - Brooke slept with both of her daughter's husbands.)

"I used to hold you in the highest regard," said Brooke. Oh yeah? Like, when you tried to steal her husbands?! Or when you tried to conceal the fact that she was pregnant by Ridge?! Or when you tried to conceal the fact that she wasn't dead?! Or when you ran to jump on Nick even though he'd just married Taylor?! Or when you wanted to get pregnant by him and steal him away?! That kind of high regard? I see.

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