Sunday, 13 July 2008

Daughters marry their mother's ex-husbands. Fact.

Meddling Mother of the week:
Jackie, you really need to keep your nose out of Nick's business. All she ever seems to do these days is pimp out alternate Logan sisters for her 79 year old son.

Hot bedroom scene of the week:
Taylor and Rick! Those two were getting jiggy wi' it and showing Brooke a thing or two in the bedroom department. Taylor deserves some hot lovin' after Nick treated her like a doormat.
WTF moment of the week #1:
Donna called it like it was - WTF was Katie doing planning Budge's wedding? Which leads to...

Wedding planner of the week:
Katiekins. J.Lo's got nothing on her. How quick did she sort that out? Not so half-dead anymore, is she? And then she was deputised as a Justice of the Peace? She's a Jack of all trades, old Katiekins.

WTF moment of the week #2:
Oh my gosh, thought Donna, I just threw a frisbee over in the bushes and when I went to fetch it I discovered a hot guy in the undergrowth. I'll invite him to the party. Like, ohmigod, awesome!

WTF moment of the week #3:
Why is Beth so calm about another of her daughters marrying her ex?! Surely she'd be a bit more what is wrong with you crazy bitches?

Bizarre scene with a half-naked man smoking a cigar of the week:
Nick. No further comments.

Back-tracker of the week:
Brooke: "I just want to see you happy."
Yeah, Brooke, like when you jumped straight into bed with Nick after Bridget lost her baby? Or, like the time you banged (and banged AND BANGED) her first husband? I love Brooke the most, but what a hypocrite. Mother of the Year, fersure!

Skank of the week:
Donna encouraging Katie to snag Nick for herself. Nice way to treat your niece, Donna. Frikkin' trampy ho-bag.

Schizo of the week:
Pam, the lovable loony, organising miniature hot tamales for Bridget and Nick's engagement party. "You are what you eat!"

Interruption of the week:
Katie: "I can't, um - (sniffles) this is wrong. I-I-it's not right. It - you all seem to think you know how I feel about these two, but I don't think I really knew until I was standing up here in front of them, watching them commit their lives to each other. There's something I need to say. This wedding can't go on until you know how I really feel."
Bitch, put a sock in it - now is not the time.

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