Sunday, 27 July 2008

Pompous asshole!

Ugh, I hate Ridge. I really do. But, isn't Ridge a lot more entertaining as a villain? Ronn Moss can carry off those storylines a lot better than when we're supposed to buy him as the romantic hero. Okay, I didn't mind him with Ashley (she went for that other arrogant jerk - Victor Newman over on Y&R) and maybe even Taylor for a good long while, but they really cannot sell Brooke as the love of his life after everything he has done in the past. No way! He was a pig to her, and every time she ends up back with him she regresses to Stepford Brooke, and that is not the Brooke that I am a fan of. This pairing sucks the life out of her. Make it stop, I am nauseous.

And why does he speak so oddly: "I have know-en him a lot longer than you, Donna."

Oh, and when he talked about his relationship with Eric, "a father and his son," I can only assume that he's forgotten Massimo is really his father. Or maybe Beth's dementia is contagious.

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