Monday, 9 June 2008

Identical twins looking rather dissimilar.

I'm going to forgive TPTB for bringing back Steffy as an identical twin who looks nothing like her twin anymore. This new actress rocks, plus she looks like her on-screen parents. Mackenzie Mauzy (Phoebe) playing dual roles would've made me retch, so I thank them for sparing us that.

Signs so far are pointing to Steffie being a snotty little madam, sneering about Brooke chasing Ridge "since dinosaurs roamed the earth." Even better was her assessment of their relationship: "you can tell she's sincere by the way she keeps marrying everybody else in the family." Ouch!

Then she told Taylor to "walk on the wild side" as far as Rick is concerned. Yay - a bolshy heiress with an attitude! Did she even say she wants to start at the bottom working at Forrester?

She's way more interesting than Phoebe and her dumbass whining. I still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about last summer's interminable Boldface Challenge "sing off" storyline and (please never let him come back) Constantine. Ugh - that hair! Those stares! His all-around creepiness! If this is the new teen scene, it should be a helluva lot better than last year's shambles of a youth-oriented storyline. Oh, and Marcus asking Steffy, "do their birth certificates actually say 'Thorne' and 'Ridge'?" Those two had some good banter. Maybe I can stomach watching the young 'uns this summer and won't have to resort to beating the television with my Sheila Carter photo album.

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