Sunday, 29 June 2008

An awards show B&B can clean up at.

Following last week's prestigious awards ceremony here at Taylor - you're alive! I thought I'd roll out the red carpet again and hand over a few more gongs. Without further delay, here are this week's winners...

Snark of the week: Felicia! The evidence:
Thorne: "Behind every great design..."
Felicia: "Is a home-wrecking slut with zero talent in the fashion business."
Ouch. Felicia really is Stephanie’s daughter. What a bitch. Remember that Donna is your step-momma now, Felicia.

Snark of the week #2: Lil' Miss Steffy:
Steffy: "What are you doing down here in shipping?"
Phoebe: "Were you expecting Marcus?"
Steffy: "Careful. Somebody might pack you up and ship you."

Understatement of the week:
Katie telling Nick he "should focus on Bridget." Gee, you think, Katie? Shut up and move out already.

Backbone of the week:
Steffy quite rightly saying, "giving a baby up for adoption is neither a scandal or a crime."

Surprisingly sweet moment of the week:
Eric was actually kind of sweet when he was talking to Donna and Marcus, he wasn’t swayed by his bratty kiddies. Bratty kiddies, that is, who are all over 40 (and doesn’t Lesli Kay look fantastic for it?).

Upfront (so to speak) Logan of the week:
I'm so, so glad that Donna brought up her marriage to Eric as soon as she was alone with Ma Logan. But, would Donna's idea of having a "family get-together" at her and Eric’s house be a good way to reconnect? Wouldn't it remind Beth that two of her daughters have married her ex?! Maybe they can get out the wedding albums and reminisce. Remember that time I hooked up with Eric, mom? I married him a few times, you know. Then Donna did. Oh, mom, if only you’d been here when I got pregnant by my daughter’s husband. Mom, you’d-a been proud!

Administrator of the week:
Marcus, for impressing Eric with his "revised system". Go, admin boy, go! Log those shipments and blow old Honey Bear’s mind.

Shocker of the week:
Beth: "Your mother doesn't exist. She's gone… I've had a stroke, a series of them. My memories are slipping away. They think it might be the onset of dementia."
Woah, I didn’t see that one coming at all. Where is this headed? I’m intrigued.

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