Sunday, 29 June 2008

"Marcus is Donna's son."

So, what did Phoebe do when she overheard (the nosey wench!) that Marcus was Donna’s son? She went running to daddy, which in turn led to the bratty Forrester siblings plotting to reveal all to Eric. Ridge was smug as ever: "oh, trust me, there will be a shipment to Texas today. Maybe two of 'em." Lord above, could he be any more of a pompous slimeball?!

Ridge, Felicia and Thorne met up to throw their toys out of the pram together. At least Thorne had a point about "his experience with Donna." Remember when she was in bed with a drunken Thorne, all the while looking at a photo of Stephanie and vowing revenge?! That was almost as scary as watching her crawl across the floor on all fours (dressed as a cat) purring for Eric. The thought of that still makes me shudder.

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