Monday, 23 June 2008

It being awards week, I thought B&B deserved a few...

Devious troll of the week:
Felicia, for rifling through Marcus's bag. And where does she get off bitching about Donna constantly when Felicia herself shows up at work dressed like a streetwalker?!

Sanctimonious Forrester of the week:
Steffy. Damn, I was liking her too. She had to go and say, "I know for a fact [Donna]'s bad for the company." Honey, you don't know shit. Especially when you refer to your twin Feeble Phoebe as "the pretty one." Puh-lease. Buy a mirror. Then get off your high horse when it comes to Donna. Did you not see your Poppa parading her around on TV when it suited him. He didn't mind her lap dancing, uh... modelling, before. And I guess that makes Ridge the runner up in this category.

Set of the week:
Well, it's not the new Forrester gym. I was enjoying the new set till I had the "thrill" of watching Ridge and Brooke snog. Then I had to run to the loo to throw up. This week's winner: The Bikini Bar, last seen during Thorne's mercifully brief drinking phase.

Logan return of the week:
Beth! Does she have a secret? Why the hell didn't she show up before? Hmm, I'm intrigued. Runner up: Stephen; now that was a nice surprise. And in Paris, no less. Lucky Brooke wasn't there to fall off the Eiffel Tower again.

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