Thursday, 15 May 2008

Somebody needs to drag Beth back to town.

So, she's ill. Buuuuut, she's missed her daughter's wedding (along with the previous attempted marriage to Thorne), her son's death and memorial service, her other daughter's heart transplant. My gosh, Beth, what does it take to get you to haul your sickly ass back to LA?!


Keisha said...

I saw a bit of this episode and it reminded me of the time when Carmen Mes(sed up) from Y&R died and NOBODY from her family bothered to fly in to Genoa City for her funeral b/c they were too "distraught". After they got over the grief they probably called Human Resources to say, "Hey, when your done with our loved one's body could you, like, FedEx it to Texas for us? Thank's ya'll!"

Marone Macaroni said...

Keisha, if they couldn't get Mes(sed up)'s body Fed-Exed, they should really have a memorial service with her identical cousin Inez playing the corpse. That could work.