Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Brooke:"... a very sick relationship..."

Gee, your son's gonna be thrilled how you view him and Taylor. You've never screwed your daughter's boyfriend? Oh, right, it was your daughter's husband, I forgot.

Taylor was right on the money when she said to Rick, "with you it's just me." Her last two husbands have both worshipped at the altar of Saint Brooke, Patron Saint of Sluts from the Valley.

So, Taylor handed back Rick the engagement ring, determined not to hurt her daughter. The day after that Rick says, "Taylor, marry me." And Feeble Phoebe has given her blessing - what's it gonna be? What's up, Doc?"

PS Sorry for the Brooke bashing (I love her more than chocolate cake), but she's pissing me off.

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