Sunday, 4 May 2008

Geez, Brooke...

... why get that bloody letter out?! Katie's had a heart transplant, you're going to give her a freaking heart attack. She really doesn't need to know that Storm shot himself so she can live. She's critically ill, don't freak her out!

But, that letter, "I'll be doing what my heart knows how to do, without my head screwing it up." Followed by Katie's, "where's Storm?" over and over, that was heartbreaking. When I started writing this blog a month ago, I never thought I'd be writing about B&B scenes that affected me so much. Maybe I need to change my medication.

Stephen showing up got me too, but I'm glad Storm's been cremated as I don't think I could cope with anyone else talking to Storm's dead body. Seriously, I'm on the floor weeping into a blanket here.

Just when I thought it was okay to put the handkerchief down, Katie's body starts to reject the heart! Please, no! Why'd they have to tell her about Storm? Argh! "I don't want Storm's heart, I want Storm." Thank God they ended the week with the news that she'll survive.

PS Storm talking to her from heaven was schmaltzy. I prefer to think it was Katie's meds/situation - that girl's just had some crazy shit happen to her, she's allowed a hallucination or two. If I'd been through what she's been through, dead people talking to me would finish me off.

PPS why was Nick in the hospital room constantly?! All he did with Katie was eat pistachios and have a quick snog. Oh, I suppose, he is still screwing her niece and was married to her sister. Maybe that's why he's there.

PPPS too much talk about meds in this post, sorry. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy (couldn't you strangle Meredith?).

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