Friday, 23 May 2008

"I see somebody took their nasty pill this morning."

Brooke was on the money about Felicia. What a bitch; can't help but like her though. Looks like the Forresters vs. the Logans is going to be fun to watch, not least because it brings in the peripheral characters who all too often get sidelined. And it helps me see why Phoebe is such an annoying brat if she looked up to Ridge, Felicia and Thorne. Brats vs. skanks? Me, I'm an honorary skank.

"Ridge, you take a stand against my family, you take a stand against me." How many freakin' times are Ridge and Brooke going to get together, only for something to drive a wedge between them? Sweet baby Jesus, I hate this couple, why can't Brooke have an epiphany and say, "ah, you're not all that, in fact you're a turd. Goodbye Ridge." If only. Go, Team Skank!

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