Thursday, 15 May 2008

Brooke & Ridge engagement #863

Bleurgh. Whatever. I don't want to watch this revolting relationship anymore. I would say that both actors are capable of much better, but I'm sick to the back teeth of Ridge, and couldn't care less if he flies to the moon and never returns. KKL's Brooke, on the other hand, has already proved she can shine outside of this silly Bridge "love" story. End it!

I can just about stomach Ridge with Ashley, but I'd much prefer her back at Y&R vying for Victor's attentions instead of the ridiculous Sabrina character - ooh la la, je parle francais, j'adore ma petit choux-fleur. In fact, here's a thought - Ridge and Ashley could marry in Genoa City, then Ridge could run off with Sabrina. Actually, the best place for them to run off to would be a wooden lodge, with wooden walls and a wooden roof - they'd fit right in.

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