Tuesday, 20 May 2008

What about Bridget?!

Much as I love Katie and Nick together, and seeing them get closer as she tries to deal with what's happened (Storm's suicide, her heart transplant), I wish the writers would properly address the Budge issue.

Now she's homeless - after relinquishing the beach house to Stephanie - and Nick is ready to take her in. Buuuut, then he's sharing another "moment" with Katie as Brooke looks on (enviously?!). Katie may have encouraged Nick to take Bridget in, but he was way too eager to agree... it's stoopid, this is going to blow up in their faces. Katie and Nick are clearly being set up as the next big couple. Budge is going to fall by the wayside, again. Please let this be the end of Nick jerking her around. Just stick him with Katie and be done with it. Leave Bridget a little dignity. Please.

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