Friday, 23 May 2008

Donna & son.

This storyline could have legs. There is some resemblance and Jennifer Gareis's acting has impressed me. If someone had told me back when she was sucking face with Ridge (those were excruciating scenes) that she'd be this good now, I would've said no sirree, she needs to be off this show PRONTO. Storylines about the death of her brother, or connecting with the child she gave away at birth? That would've seemed like Chinese water torture, but she's doing a good job. Gosh darn, I'm enjoying it.

Daytime drama all too soon writes characters into corners and ends up killing them or turning them into psychopaths. In this case, it's been an unexpected pleasure to watch JG's Donna grow. Shame we didn't get the same chance with William de Vry's Storm (fantastic though his exit story was - well, not so much the story, but the aftermath).

One other thing, when Donna said, "do you mind if I borrow your office?" Why didn't Eric say, "of course, it's the only Forrester Creations set we have, aside from the corridor where the receptionist sits." Okay, Donna got locked in the steam room once, but where does everybody else work?!

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