Friday, 9 May 2008

Who doesn't love the Brooke and Stephanie showdowns?

Brooke rubbing Stephanie's nose in it always rocks, and vice versa. Stephanie must've skipped a heartbeat when Brooke reminded her of her misdeeds:

  • Stephanie wasn't pregnant with Eric's kid when they got married (it was Massimo's)

  • Stephanie faked a heart attack to keep Brooke apart from Ridge

  • Stephanie "accidentally" sent a rapist after Brooke to get her kids taken away

Stephers, you gotta admit, that sounds bad. And as Brooke said, "we are the new Forresters and you are going to be the troublemaker who'd best be on her best behaviour. On the outside looking in." Brooke was looking awfully smug, but there's so much history between them, who doesn't love it when these two go up against each other?

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