Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I love me some Brooke…

… but, isn’t she being a tad hypocritical?! Why the outcry over Taylor getting some from Brooke’s son Rick? He’s, like, 30. He can do what he wants. He split up with Phoebe ages ago.

Didn’t Brooke go one step further than Taylor by bedding her own daughter’s husband and having his child? Why exactly is Taylor such bad news for Rick? Phoebe will get over it, just like Bridget got over Brooke’s betrayal, only that was way worse:

- Phoebe wasn’t even with Rick when her mother (Taylor) and he decided to smooch
- Brooke, on the other hand, took her daughter’s husband to bed (several times!) and got pregnant with his child

What’s that old phrase about a pot and a kettle?! Brooke is still my fave, but really… she needs to zip it. By that, I mean her mouth (though there are many occasions she should’ve kept her pants zipped too).

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