Thursday, 8 May 2008

Katie's dilemma.

Of course she's upset. What a situation. Way more affecting, and effective, than I thought I'd see on B&B anytime soon. A brother that kills himself so that his sister can live? "I should be dead. I wish I was dead." Heather Tom can act, she really can, and her unwillingness to accept what Storm did as "heroism" is echoing some fans' opinions, that's for sure.

Brooke is breaking my heart justifying the reasoning behind Storm's suicide. But, it's Katie's torment that is harrowing (did I really say harrowing in a B&B post?!). "Because of me, my brother committed suicide." She knows she can't turn it into something that isn't ugly, something that's "a gift." She can't imagine ever being able to accept what has happened, and is convinced it will haunt her until she dies. The forthright, moralistic and stubborn Logan has a dilemma, and it makes for brilliant, engaging, sorrowful drama.

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