Monday, 12 May 2008

Oops, he did it again.

But this time Eric married a different Logan. Most of the attendees looked a little surprised that it was all going ahead, but Stephanie's face was a picture. Susan Flannery's Stephanie stole the show again - necking her champagne after saying goodbye to Eric (forever?), that was cool. And then the flashbacks she had whilst watching Eric and Donna dance. It was fitting end to the week, "Goodbye Eric, be happy," before being driven away. When the dust settles, I don't think she's really going to be walking away from all things Forrester quite so easily.


Anonymous said...

hello. cool blog.

isn't the double standard on b&b hilarious?

brooke is attacked by practically every character and called incestuous when she gets involved with forresters and marones.

yet eric has been involved with beth (the mother), married and had children with brooke (the daughter) and is now married to donna (the other daughter). yet no one attacks him for sleeping through the logan clans.

same with tay. she's slept through the logans (engaged to storm, slept with stephen, kissing rick). she's slept through the forresters (married ridge, slept with and was engaged to thorne, lusted after eric, kissing rick). she's slept through the marones (married ridge and nick). yet no one attacks her for sleeping through 3 gene pools.

Marone Macaroni said...

^^ So true, boring (and I'm sure you're not!). Eric has been through as many inter-generational, borderline incestuous "love" affairs as the rest of 'em, that's for sure. And he's still considered respectable?! Hypocrisy indeed.