Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Oh, gee...

... I wonder who Katie will stay with for her recuperation?

True, Nick and Katie’s montage was pretty sweet. True, they have good chemistry and they’re both fantastic actors. But Bridget just moved in with Nick! Katie shouldn't be there if Nick is going to make goo-goo eyes at her.

Budge wants to help Katie – she’s too kind, she's head-over-heels and (once again) she can’t see what’s right in front of her face. Nick needs to grow a pair of balls and ditch Bridget soon. While I liked watching them run off with a wheelchair-bound Katie, it’s going to get pretty ugly when Bridget is hung out to dry again. What is wrong with him? What an ass. Anyone with half a brain cell can see he’s going to start feeling Katie up in her wheelchair in a matter of weeks. Hope there are no stray pistachios up there.


Captain Obvious said...

Even better, Pheobe walks in on Taylor and what's his name? Today, after telling Donna's son that "he's the kind of guy I can marry." How quickly she got over that Ashley thing. B&B is so incestous. Every time I watch scenes with Donna and Katie I can't help but remember the time when they were on Y&R and Donna/Grace slept with Nick and Victoria/Katie totally ripped her a new a-hole. That whole scene with Donna telling Katie that she had the baby was almost painful to watch-Donna is great at doing "campy" but Katie could sitting still speaking through a ventriloquist dummy and still exhibit 10 times the acting chops.

Marone Macaroni said...

Preach it! Donna totally works with the campy stuff...not so much in emotional scenes opposite Heather Tom, who blows her off the screen.