Monday, 23 June 2008

"Bridget is in the picture, mother. It's a good thing. Because if it weren't for her, Katie wouldn't be around."

Guess what? Oh, you guessed it - Katie confessed she loves Nick. Maybe TPTB thought the Katie/Nick love montages (when he's supposed to be with Bridget) didn't drive the message home for viewers.

Katie (poor, poor just escaped death twice Katie) has a conscience (because that'll make us like her after shoving her down our throats for weeks on end?!). She "would never forgive herself" if she ever hurt Bridget. Yeah, yeah Katie, so "someone would end up getting hurt" if she pursued Nick? Then why doesn't she shut the f^ck up about it? Really, why? Oh, because she has to tell Nick she's "never felt like this before." Yeah, that's gonna turn him off. Did Storm shoot her brains out as well as her heart?! If she actually felt what she was saying, she wouldn't be laying all this crap on Nick, would she? I'm in love with you and no-one has ever made me feel like this, but I don't want to hurt Bridget. My ass you don't - you tongued him! Shut up, half-dead zombie tramp. And move out already.

Nick did say "we have a very passionate relationship" about Bridget. And let's face it, we fans have been watching Bridget and her (mostly toxic) relationships onscreen for years and years. Why should I be expected to jump on the Katie Fan Train now she's flavour of the month at B&B headquarters. It doesn't work like that. A big part of being a soap addict is loving the history elements that are woven into stories. When a newbie (the character had been off canvas for eons, and now she's being played by a different actress) like Katie is suddenly front and centre day-in, day-out, it pisses over everything we have been invested and interested in. What's happened to Nick's obsession over becoming a father and raising his boy? Taylor seems to have completely slipped his mind as well. His Brooke-worship has gone. And we're supposed to believe he gives two shits about Budge. With the Katie Show in full swing, every other Nick relationship is brushed under the carpet, and it's all about Katie. Urgh, it's like the days of old on B&B when every woman in L.A. fell at the feet of Ridge. And wasn't he such an adorable jerk?

As the title of this post suggests, Nick did acknowledge that Budge was "in the picture," but it was a back-handed compliment, pretty much stating thank God Bridget saved Katie, rather than I'm in love with Bridget. If he's not, he should just say it. Nick is starting to come off as delusional - one moment he was determined to father a child, any child, and then he was dementedly trying-out mothers for Jack, and now apparently he's obsessed with Katie, and can't stop daydreaming about that time they ate pistachio nuts or when he recreated her prom. Whatever. And just to endear him a little more to the audience, he's chasing after Katie's M.I.A. mother, Beth, because he's Katie's hero blah blah blah. Such a knight in shining armour that he'll screw Bridget over (again). If this madness doesn't stop I will end up detesting Nick and Katie completely, not just their stupid showmance.

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