Sunday, 26 October 2008

Confirmation he won't be walking down the aisle (or anywhere anytime soon).

It didn't look too good for Rick after his fall from the Forrester Creations rooftop.
His sister, Dougie Forrester MD, was on the case. This is serious Bridget... hell, she's wearing glasses, she must mean business. Just the other month she googled a cure for her heart-transplant aunt, who was up shit creek (i.e. terminal). Before that, she stuck her mommy's eggs in Taylor by mistake, but whatever, we can't all be 100% perfect, can we?

"Riiiiiick, Riiiiick."
Okay, that woke him up. But, things weren't so great...
... oh my God he can't feel his legs! He's paralysed (for about two weeks, I'd guess).
"Oh, geez Louise, just what I needed."


thatfantasmio said...

Ah, keeping us laughing even though there's a crisis outside...Ta Maroni

Marone Macaroni said...

It's Marone, Mr Macaroni if you're nasty ;)