Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Pigman cometh.

When you get soft-focus love scenes like this:

It usually means there's trouble brewing for the copulating ones.
"Oh, Widge, Widgiepoo, I wuv you."

Yeah, yeah, save it, Brooke... we all know what's coming.
"Look, it's almost time for a plot device to drive us apart."

And thank the Lord for small mercies. That man has been a pig to her for years, why can't she just dump his sorry ass once and for all? I hope that if we do get Tridge (Taylor and Ridge), then it isn't by default... but you know it's on the cards.

For years that's what Brooke was to Ridge, and those pairings are hard to get behind. Seriously, who wants him lusting after Brooke, and Taylor being second best for that creep? What is it - the ego? The jazz hands? What do women in LA find irresistible about the douche bag? TELL ME, WHAT IS IT?

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