Sunday, 19 October 2008

Katie is still a troll.

How cute are Nick and Brooke together?! Seriously, if Nick hadn't repeatedly married her daughter and impregnated her sister I'd say they were perfect for each other. Oh, and there's the fact that when they were married, Brooke kept throwing herself at (that pig) Ridge.

Having said that, out of Brooke's current options, I'd say they're a better couple than Brooke and Ridge, who leave me feeling nauseous. Ridge treated her like a piece of crap for years, I can't stomach him pawing her anymore. Not content with shoving her down my my throat until I dry-heaved, TPTB have decided to insert Katie into the baby Jack saga. Ugh. So, it's not enough that Taylor handed over her baby to Brooke, now Katie has to become obbsessed with the tot.
Why can't she just go and eat pistachios offscreen. Dammit, I wish she'd died in childbirth. She's fictional, I can wish death on her if I want. Then Heather Tom could reclaim her ex-role as Victoria on Y&R (man, she rocked) and we'd be free of this tedious good-girl-turned-sanctimonious-whining-strumpet. He was your niece's husband, you snivelling drip! I don't care that you once bonded over mini-hoops.
Oh, Jackie, hit her over the head with that camera. Real hard. Put us all out of our misery.

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