Sunday, 26 October 2008

Insane in the brain.

Crazy lady Pam was lured to Eric's mansion. She thought her momma was ill. It was all a ploy to get hold of the nutcase and stop her reign of animal terror (bear attacks and deadly snakes, that kind of thing).

Loopy Lou seemed to show some remorse.
She could bear-ly believe what she'd done.
And then she collapsed; it was terribly dramatic.
Pammy, apparently, is one of daytime soaps' brain tumour killers. Like Jana on Y&R we're expected to believe it was da brain tumour what made me do it. Oh well, I guess I'm glad they kept serial killer ("dead dog, dead dog") Jana around, and I feel the same about Pam. I just hope they don't turn Pam into a dippy hippy dispensing advice over her manky old Ouija board.

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