Sunday, 21 September 2008

Baby baby.

We all know that Taylor's been having problems bonding with her baby. It isn't so long since the scrambled eggs storyline where she found out she was carrying Brooke's baby. You know, a typical, oh-my-God-the-eggs-of-my-rival-have-been-mistakenly-implanted-in-my-womb kind of story. For a while it looked like Taylor and Nick might work things out. Hell, their marriage lasted a year, which is unusual given the trend: partner-swapping like you're changing your pants. Oh, you slept with my son/daughter, no problemo, let's screw!
Needless to say, Brooke and Taylor have never been BFFs.
In fact, Taylor looked like she was about to empty her bedpan over Brooke's head when she heard about the egg switch.
Now, the signs are showing that something isn't working in Taylor's relationship with her baby. Call me cynical, but this is a cheap storyline with the underlying message: DNA is all-and-everything. That, Mr Bell, Ms Alden, is complete nonsense.

Having said that, pitting Taylor and Brooke against each other again gets B&B back to the core of what it's about. We may complain about recycled storylines, but who doesn't like seeing Brooke and Taylor in some drama? It sure beat beats the Katie saga being shoved down our throats 24/7. Man, The Perils of Katiekins really was tiring (gets shot in the heart, brother commits suicide, has her brother's heart implanted in her, starts to reject his heart, almost dies - if only! - has pre-death sex with her niece's partner who she bonded with over pistachios and puzzles, gets pregnant by him... need I say more?).
Anyway, I digress. Taylor's having trouble with the TayTot.
And guess who's there to express her concerns about baby Jack. Oh yeah, it's Brooke. Understandably, that pissed Taylor off.
She started doing the chicken dance again. She must've been really cross - I only do the chicken dance when I'm furious.
After the chicken dance Taylor gave Brooke the look, the don't f^ck with me blondie look.
So, in summation: happy to see Brooke and Taylor centre stage again, not so thrilled with where the storyline's heading.

Anyone can see this is going to drive a wedge between Brooke and Ridge (and I hate that pairing, so that's a plus), it's going to drive Brooke and Nick together (I used to love that couple, but seriously... after marrying her daughter and screwing her sister, the romance is gonna be hard to recapture) and supposedly reuniting Taylor and Ridge...

Is it just musical beds #3,475 or is there hope?! I'm on the fence.

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