Monday, 29 September 2008

What the hell?! Part two.

Another what the hell moment: how many people on this show have "comfort" sex. Dear Lord, it's astonishing. Spending time with your partner's terminal aunt? Boink her, it'll make her feel better. Husband in a coma? Roll around on his bed with someone else.

What the hell was Katie doing sitting there stitching her needlecraft with a smug look on her face.

Oh, I hate her. No, Bridget, of course I haven't seen Nick, we can barely even look at each other. So, that's why you ran right over to his house and got nekkid is it, Katie? It's not the skankyness I can't stand (I love my skanks), it's the hypocritical, sanctimonious Pity-Me Katie BS I can't stand. ________________________________________________

What the hell? I've always been a Bridget fan (yeah, shoot me). But, hell, is Ashley Jones coming into her own, or what? That girl is knocking it out of park on a daily basis at the moment. Go, Budge!

What the hell? Ridge fell in love with Brooke the first moment he laid eyes on her? Oh, Ridgiepoo, that is horsesh!t. Remember Caroline? Remember you committed to her and didn't give Brooke a second thought? Remember after Caroline died you proclaimed Taylor was the one? Remember that, Ridge?! Apparently not. Ugh, he's a jackass.

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