Sunday, 14 September 2008

Katie reminisces, Bridget cracks...

Katie was hanging out with a bag of pistachios, remembering her magical connection to Nick. Let's see, there was the time she did a puzzle at his house, the time they played mini-hoops, the time he recreated her prom. Oh, and the time he sexed her up when she thought she was dying. The memories! Never mind that Captain Man-Ho was banging her niece at the time, it still gave Katiekins a cheeky little grin:

"That time he was chucking nuts in his gob, that was so special." Across town, on the Shady Marlin, Nick was letting his new wife know that he'd slept with her aunt.

Bridget: "So you're telling me that you had sex with Katie?"
Nick: "Yes."

I kinda figured that might piss her off.

Bridget: "Well, how the hell does her happiness involve sex? Huh? Wow, you must have felt really, really, really important giving that dying lady one last roll in the hay, huh?"

"I can't believe that I have been so naive to think that my aunt and the man that I love and am married to might actually have a little bit of respect for me."

"Do you remember what it did to me when you left me for my mother?"

"... you should have kept your pants on."

Go, Budge! Nick was just "playing a role" and why should that come between them?! He was giving Katie a bit of what she fancied before she kicked the bucket, that was all.

Ah, of course. So, Bridget shouldn't worry you ran off to boink her own mother when your first marriage fell apart? She shouldn't worry that after marrying and breaking up with her mother, you ended up chasing (then marrying) Taylor? She shouldn't worry that when you finally turned your attention back to Bridget (and she'd moved into your house) you banged her aunt? What's that you say, Nicky boy?

Nick: "Bridget... she's pregnant. She's pregnant, and it's my child." Well, that's great, isn't it Bridget?
Bridget: "Marriage is between two people, Nick, not three plus a love child with another woman."

Nick: "Don't forget about Jack, your stepson. That boy loves you."

Stepson, yes. Biological half-brother too. It's all too much!

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