Sunday, 28 September 2008

What the hell?

Recently I've found myself saying what the hell quite a lot.

Let's start with Rick. Where the heck did his demented ranting come from? Taylor should give her baby to your mother, should she? Uh, no she shouldn't, Freakazoid. I was liking Rick a lot, and despite the age difference, I didn't mind Rick and Taylor. It certainly put the cat among the pidgeons with Brooke, and I guess that was the point. The drama! But now he's all you're not bonding with the baby, why not give him to my mom? Seriously, WTF, Rick? Taylor, oh Taylor. How shocking was it to see her give away her own child to her long-term rival Brooke? This storyline is revolting, but at the same time it's got me intrigued about what's coming down the line. Taylor handed over the kid she gave birth to, but when she's in bed worrying and remorseful she's thinking about... go on, guess, it's gotta be the fact she just gave away her kid? Um, no, Taylor's in bed thinking about Ridge. Yes, Ridge, the man she hasn't given a second thought to in, like, years. She's been busy with other stuff:

• flattening Darla on a foggy highway

• becoming engaged to and nearly marrying Darla's husband (he was in the dark about that little bump in the road)

• being kidnapped by Hector and then nearly dying when he set the house on fire (he went blind and hit someone in the face with a baseball bat, but that's another story)

• counselling numerous patients, one of whom married her and convinced her to have a baby; they conceived with the help of donor eggs (it was her nemesis whose eggs were mistakenly implanted)

• splitting up with her husband and having to go through a court battle to have access to her son because she'd turned to the drink again

• having hallucinations that her rival was going to take away her man and her baby (that's some strong liquor)

• recovering from an alcohol problem with the help of a boy-toy (her rival's son, no less)

• becoming engaged to the boy-toy

Yet now, when she's just given away her baby to Brooke, she's daydreaming about Ridge. Where the hell did that come from?! And during the time that all the above happened, I can only remember Taylor and Ridge having one memorable exchange: when they were concerned about Feeble Phoebe and Rick. That encounter was one teeny tiny scene - there was no indication of any unresolved issues between the two of them. I remember it because it was unusual to see any interaction between them at all. And let's face facts: they were once a B&B supercouple, but that was rewritten: now Brooke is supposed to be Ridge's one and only. Are they going to rewrite the rewrite?!

I might have been rooting for Brooke way back when, but Taylor always was the one that ended up with Rigid. So, for the writers to suddenly acknowledge that fact is... I don't know, ridiculous, unbelievable, but in some sick way it feels like they might be putting the order of things back the way they should be. Horrible way to get there, though.

And that’s just my initial “what the hell’s?!” I’ll type up the rest tomorrow…

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