Sunday, 14 September 2008

Hi, Katie. Thrilled to hear your dying wish was to screw my husband.

Oh dear, who's that coming down the stairs?

I don't think Bridget is in the mood to feel your bump, Katie.
Bitchface #1:
Bitchface #2:
"Poor, poor pitiful me" face:
Katie: "Nick and I crossed a line we never should have crossed. "

Bridget: "When exactly did you realize that, Katie? Was it right after you had sex on the island, or was it when you came back from Catalina and you saw how concerned I was for you? Or was it at your little prom night when you danced the night away while I stayed up all night searching on a computer trying to find a way to save your life? Or was it on my wedding day that you realized, 'Oh, maybe I shouldn't have slept with her husband'? Oh, no, wait. I've got it. It's when you found out you were pregnant. That's when you realized you had crossed a line when you couldn't hide it from me anymore." Who could show up to make things worse? Nicky boy!

Budge did herself proud and took off her wedding ring. She ditched the Man-Ho. Shame she didn't give him the number for a good hairdresser.Bridget: "I was the best thing that ever happened to you. No one will ever love you like I do. But clearly, it's not enough. Here, you want him? Take him." Ha! Katiekins caught the ring and Bridget left the pair of fools standing there speechless. Like she said, he should've kept his pants on.

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