Wednesday, 24 September 2008


It's lovely to see Ridge pawing Brooke, isn't it? He treated her like his own personal doormat for years and repeatedly shoved her aside in favour of Taylor. The romance! Sure, Ridge, it's always been Loooowgaan.
It makes my eyes bleed. It really does.
Even though I'm a big Bridget fan, I'm a major Brooke fan too (plus Taylor, which seems almost unheard of on the message boards), and I thought Bricky (Brooke/Nick) had incredible chemistry... it was a breath of fresh air after watching that arrogant ass Ridge treat Brooke like crap year after year.

Now Bricky is tainted too. Who can root for Nick when he screwed Katie before marrying Bridget? Not to mention he screwed Bridget when married to Brooke... he married Taylor and confessed he wanted Brooke... and then went back to Bridget. What is wrong with the guy? Seems like he and Ridgimortis really are brothers. What a pair of pigs.

So, who should Brooke be with? It's gonna take some monumental re-writing to make either Bridge (Brooke/Ridge) or Bricky even mildly palatable.


fantasmio said...

COOOOOL! insider dealings and that parcel - whatever next! Tell us more!!!

Marone Macaroni said...

Whatever next indeed! I fear we could be heading towards Taylor giving Brooke her baby... how ridiculous :(