Thursday, 11 September 2008

Marone Macaroni dishes: favourite search engine queries that brought people here.

1. "why does ronn moss wear his hair over his ears"
Because he is a Vulcan.

2. "why does ridge from bold and the beautiful always have his hair over his ears?"
I assume this was asked by the same person. The answer remains the same: because he is a Vulcan.
Seriously, you guys, shut up about Ronn Moss's hair.

4. "bold and beautiful taylor's hair cut"
Which hair cut - the new-ish one? I much prefer her current look to this:
5. "macaroni dishes"
Ha, I just fooled you again with the title of this post. Sorry!

6. "bold and beautiful pam's lemon bar recipe"
Tasty lemon bars that put consumers into a coma. Yum.

7. "email address for writers at B&B"
Have they made you cross? I'll bet they wouldn't like you when you're cross, would they?

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